Dimbula Rose @ Sourire -KASASAGI- Event 2013

Dimbula Rose_Sourire KASASAGI Event 2013_Erosion Skin-Eyes

Dimbula Rose has a little booth with event exclusives at the Sourire -KASASAGI- Event which is based on the Tanabata festivals in Japan.

One exclusive is her Erosion skin with eyes that are system only in one iris size.
You can purchase the combo for only $77L!
While this is more horror than star festive, she has a another skin that fits the Tanabata theme.

The event has some horror elements to it but nothing to be scared about & still child avie friendly.
If you go on the magpie quest, have a translator handy because everything is in Japanese.
The market has great deals on kimonos, yukatas, accessories, and gachas.

If you have never been to a Japanese event before, you have to go! Lots of fun!
Sourire -KASASAGI- Event Taxi

Event ends July 31st, 2013.

Dimbula Rose @ Sourire: Erosion skin & eyes
Creator: dorothy Darkfold
Price: $77L (event exclusive)


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