.{Rue}. @ We <3 Role-Play: Round 3

Rue_We Love Role-Play_Grimalkin - Feral_Halo EyesRue_We Love Role-Play_Grimalkin - Feral Set

Rue_We Love Role-Play_Grimalkin - Spring Set

Rue_We Love Role-Play_Grimalkin - Frozen Set

I snuck into We ❤ Role-Play and snagged the event discounted specials from .{Rue}.!

Three 6-packs from the Grimalkin line are on sale at 50% off!
Each pack contains six colors with system, prim, & mesh versions in one iris size only.
These gorgeous slitted eyes will look stunning on a variety of fantasy avatars.
Merfolk, nekos, nagas, & demons to name a few!

The event does not officially open til 3 pm SLT today but you can hang out at the gate and cam shop.
Some vendors are not ready & still setting up.

We ❤ Role-Play Official Blog

*the Skinnery Drow skin Pro-Tip: Can’t find hair that matches the brows?
Maitreya hairs in “Strawberry Blonde” will match almost perfectly.
During Maitreya‘s Summer Sale, color packs are $75L each & fat packs are $225L til 7-17-2013.

I ❤ Role-Play! Happy Shopping!

.{Rue}. @ We ❤ Role-Play: Grimalkin – Feral|Spring|Frozen eye packs
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $75L each 6-pack (We ❤ Role-Play round 3)
the Skinnery @ We ❤ Role-Play: Iris – Drow skin
Creator: Umazuma Metaluna
Price: $500L (We ❤ Role-Play round 3)
ellabella: It Dangles! lip piercing
Creator: ellantha Larsson
Price: $1L


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