Plastik – Annual 50% Off Sale

Plastik_50% Off Sale_Astrali - Yen EyesPlastik_50% Off Sale_Astrali Eyes

Get your bodies over to Plastik for the Annual 50% Off Sale!

For brevity, I’m only showing the new Astrali collection because Aikea has a massive eye wall!
I picked out six of my favorites & each have system, prim, & mesh versions.

Plastik_50% Off Sale_Astrali Eyes All

They are designed around real nebulae & are glorious!
Fourteen different eyes in all & the only eyes in the sale that contain both prim & mesh.

A quick rundown of the other eyes in the sale:
Vaele Collection – Three eyes in each pack with system & mesh – Price: $129L each
Haunt Collection – Monster/creature eyes with system & prims – Price: $59L each
Jaded & Jaded II Collections – Vivid human/fairy/cat eyes, system & alpha prims – Price: $49L each
Jerusalem Collection – Earthy human eyes with system & alpha prims – Price: $49L each
Maleficus Collection – Sharingan & dark sclera fantasy eyes, system & alpha prims – Price: $99L each
Oni Collection – Dark eyes with white shaded sclera, system & alpha prims – Price: $99L each
Frozen Soul Collection – Colorful icy eyes with system & alpha prims – Price: $99L each
Brains Collection – Zombie/horror eyes with system only – Price: $99L each

All eyes have one iris size only.

If you’re a savvy shopper, check out the Discount Wall for previous event & sales specials!
Several include eyes, like the prior FLF Stratus skin blogged HERE.
Everything on the Discount Wall is $149L so you can grab a bargain!

Everything else (except petites) is 50% off!
Skins (male & female), eyes, clothing, accessories, elf ears, horns, & so much more.
Some items will be retired to make room for new stuff!

Sale ends July 25th, 2013 & limited to the in-world store only.

Happy shopping & have fun!

Plastik: Astrali assorted eyes
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $109L each (50% off til 7-25-13)
Plastik: Astrali – Lune skin & Soul Ink Reloaded – Daah tattoo (the spots)
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $699L (50% off til 7-25-13)
Plastik: Demon Fades – Tattoo/Face-Aanh makeup
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $149L (Discount wall sale til 7-25-13)


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