[okkbye] is saying Goodbye!

[okkbye] is retiring all her stuff!
Whether that means she’s closing for good or not, I don’t know, but what I do know is this is your last chance to grab her eyes as they will never be available again……ever.

okkbye_Closing Sale_Wild - Hazel Eyesokkbye_Closing Sale_Wild Eyes

The above Wild eyes come in six natural colors, one iris size, with system & mesh versions.
The mesh eyes are modify, which is great for resizing & fitting.

okkbye_Closing Sale_Incognito Eyes

Incognito eyes were her first eye release.
In thirteen colors, each has one iris size with system & mesh eyes.
The mesh eyes unfortunately are no mod so they won’t fit everybody.

The last eye in the above image is a wearable tester for $10L if you want to try them out.
The tester color is also included the fat pack!

okkbye_Closing Sale_Hypno Toad Eyes

My favorites of the sale, the Hypno Toad eyes! I love the Burtonesque spirls!
They come in four versions with system & mesh eyes.
The mesh eyes say no mod but you can mod them while being worn.

Everything is $60L (except certain fat packs) in the retirement sale.
Lots of freckle & mole layers, makeups, tattoos, cute clothing, & accessories.

You have til June 29th, 2013 to snag up the stuff before it’s gone!

[okkbye]: Wild eyes
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L each – $330L fat pack
[okkbye]: Incognito eyes
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L each – $370L 6-packs – $599L fat pack (all 13 eyes)
[okkbye]: Hypno Toad eyes
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L 4-pack
Natural Beauty (MP): Sissy skin
Creator: Miah McAuley
Price: $0L
[okkbye]: imPERFECTIONS freckles & moles
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L
Dead Apples (temp location): Lipgloss
Creator: Soleil Reid
Price: $50L
My Ugly Dorothy: Lovely Line03 eyeliner
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: N/A (unknown if they will be available again)


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