Curious Kitties – Icy Watermelon Freebie

Curious Kitties_Summerfest_Icy Watermelon Eyes

I am so glad Curious Kitties brought back these limited edition eyes for Summer!.

The system only eyes have a very large iris in watermelon colors.
They can be worn with C.K.’s Unreal Fuzz mesh avatars as well.

If you’re a Torley Linden fan, you must get them!

Look around Curious Kitties for other watermelon themed freebies & more.

Curious Kitties: Icy Watermelon eyes
Creator: Ameshin Yossarian
Price: $0L (limited time)
My Ugly Dorothy @ TDR Fusion: Pink Gem skin
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $70L (TDRF til 7-4-13)
elymode: Summer mix – watermelon eyeshadow
Creator: elysium Eilde
Price: $90L fat pack
MIASNOW (MP): Dolly freckles
Creator: Creator: MiaSnow Myriam
Price: $1L
Harmony Deschanel: Torley’s Juicy Watermelon necklace
Creator: Harmony Deschanel
Price: $0L


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