Second Pride Festival Gifts

The Second Pride Festival is an event to help support the many LGBT communities within Second Life.

At the festival you will find shopping, community info, fun events, and of course a hunt.
Below are some of the gifts you will find among the various shops & vendors:

Orbz_Second Pride Festival Gift_Second Pride Eyes

At Jaryth’s Barber Shop’s booth, a nice gift of rainbow colored eyes by Orbz!

The gift features mesh eyes & a system layer (which is not the same) with optional highlight attachments plus an alpha glitch prim in case your hair conflicts with the eyes.
Sterling Artistry_Second Pride Festival Gift_Wisteria Trio & Special Mix Eyes

At Sterling Artistry’s booth, he has a couple of gifts!

The event gift is a trio of vibrant purple eyes in system layers only & two buttons.
The second gift features muted multicolored eyes with system, prim, & mesh versions.
The prim & mesh eyes are scripted for resize & four iris sizes.
Amacci_Second Pride Festival Gift_Pride 1 - 2 Eyes

At Amacci’s booth, a duo of Look eyes in masculine tones.

They come in two iris sizes (system only) & optional particle sparkles.
Razzle_Second Pride Festival Gift_Color Explosion Eyes

At Razzle’s booth, the gift contains pretty rainbow system eyes.
Now, once you’ve gotten the gifts from the vendor shops, grab your hunt HUD at one of the kiosks on the Second Pride Sim.

There are forty cute yellow stars hidden simwide at the event.
Click the squares on the HUD to find out which store & section to look.
You have to find all forty & fill your hunt HUD up to receive all the hunt prizes.

Here are a couple of prizes:

Razzle_Second Pride Rainbow Road Hunt Prize_Spectrum Eyes

Another colorful eye from Razzle.
This one contains system & mesh versions!

Orbz_Second Pride Rainbow Road Hunt Prize_Andromeda - Baby Blues Eyes

Orbz‘ hunt prize features grey blue eyes in three sclera (eye white) shades.
System & mesh versions are included.

Other prizes include clothing, shoes, art, accessories, decor, and much more!

This is a great event whatever your orientation!
Straight guys, don’t be scared, there are lots of male clothing shops.
If you’ve ever complained about not finding any new clothes, now you have no excuse.

Get your rainbow on & go have some fun!

Event ends June 23rd, 2013.

Orbz @ Second Pride Festival: Second Pride eyes
Creator: Jaryth
Price: $0L (Second Pride gift)
Glam Affair @ TGGS: Roza – I’m Crazy skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $499L (3-pack)
Madrid Solo: Vixen eyeshadow
Creator: Madrid Solo
Price: $150L fat pack
Sterling Artistry @ Second Pride Festival: Wisteria trio & Special Mix eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $0L (Second Pride gifts)
Amacci @ Second Pride Festival: LOOK – Pride 1 & 2 eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (Second Pride gift)
Razzle @ Second Pride Festival: Color Explosion eyes
Creator: AlaricEvo
Price: $0L (Second Pride gift)


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