IKON – New Ascension Eyes

IKON_Numberology_Ascension - Pewter EyesIKON_Numberology_Ascension Eyes

I’m always the last to know about certain events……
IKON released another new series at the Numberology event that began on June 1st.

There are thirty glorious colors to choose from!
Each are system eyes only in five iris sizes.
I’m showing several in my male blogging form just to show that you guys can wear these too!

IKON Ascension Essential 6

A special 6-pack is available for only $499L.
It’s a great deal at that price!
I’m not sure sure if it will be exclusive to the event only.

Any doubts about IKON eyes? Ikon has provided a demo!
It will be above the Essential 6 vendor.

Event ends June 15th, 2013 so not many days left!
*The series will be moved to the Mainstore after the event is over.

IKON @ Numberology: Ascension eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $150L each
NIVARO @ Numberology: Baptiste – Drowtone skin
Creator: ReishiProphet
Price: $1003L
R&A Tattoos (MP): Yarl face tattoo
Creator: Rockberry Fairlady
Price: $30L


3 comments on “IKON – New Ascension Eyes

  1. When I look at your malt I immediately thought of Timothy Dalton. It’s not something obvious. Just an impression.

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