Real Eyes – Disillusion Group Gift

Real Eyes_Group Gift_sclera Disillusion Eyes

I always look forward to gifts from Real Eyes, you never know what you’ll get!

The new group gift contains these wicked dark eyes & a neat Crystal Gazer posing prop.
The eyes are system only & a sample of a new series coming up.
Can’t wait!

The gift is in the group notices & group is free to join.
Don’t miss it!

Real Eyes: sclera Disillusion eyes
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
.deamora (MP): EVE – Nutmeg skin
Creator: WynXombii
Price: $199L
Madrid Solo: Birds of a Feather makeup
Creator: Madrid Solo
Price: $150L
Yasyn: Pheasant Feather earrings
Creator: Yasyn Azemus
Price: $99L
Filthy Skins: Lip gloss
Creator: Alexandra Barcelos
Price: N/A (store closed)


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