IKON @ The Boutique : FRESH by TLC

IKON_The Liaison Collaborative_Destiny - Nymph EyesIKON_The Liaison Collaborative_Destiny Assorted Eyes

Still not getting group notices so I’m late for IKON‘s new eyes at The Boutique!
This bi-monthly event by The Liaison Collaborative showcases top designer’s new products.
The theme for this round is FRESH!

And what could be fresher than a brand new series by IKON?
The new Destiny series will be Boutique exclusives for the duration of the event.
So don’t look for them at Ikon’s mainstore, you won’t find them there just yet!

IKON_The Liaison Collaborative_Destiny Eyes

There are thirty-six to choose from, each are system eyes only in five iris sizes.
I’ve shown a few close up at top so you can see how detailed & lovely they are.
With a mix ranging from light pastel to deep dark colors, any gender can wear these eyes.

Once you get your “fresh” new look, post your pictures wearing them to the IKON SL Flickr Group!

Event ends June 10th, 2013.

Happy shopping!

IKON @ The Boutique: Destiny eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $150L each
Belleza @ The Boutique: Ava Fair TLC 5 skin
Creator: Tricky Boucher
Price: $600L
Earthstones @ The Boutique: Butterfly jewelry
Creator: Abraxxa Anatine
Price: $599L
Izzie’s: Glossy Lip Highlights
Creator: Izzie Button
Price: $149L fatpack


3 comments on “IKON @ The Boutique : FRESH by TLC

      • Aw, thanks Snow. I don’t wanna snag your shape. Just appreciating how your face looks in photos. 🙂 I make a TON of shapes myself and am always inspired and motivated by the choices others make, as well as by the skins I try on. That’s a biggy for me! 😀

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