Farouche – Group Gift, LBs, & Dollarbie

Farouche_Group Gift_Glass GG1305 Eyes

I’ve neglected Farouche far too long!

Yumix sent out her group members the glassy golden amber eyes above as May’s gift.
The eyes are system only in one iris size.

You will have to be very fast to join the group since it’s just about to poof from the notices!

Farouche_LB_Elfin & Glass Eyes

If you miss out on the group gift, pop over & wait on the Lucky Boards.
There are two new LB’s featuring colors not available in the newly released fat packs.

The Elfin LB is a wonderful watery eye perfect for merfolk.
It comes with three iris sizes in system eyes only.
The Glass LB is a glassy gunmetal blue & make great doll eyes.
It only has one iris size in system eyes only.

Farouche_Dollarbie_Promotion Eyes

If you can’t get your lucky letter to come up, then visit Farouche’s Marketplace & grab the promo!

For only $1L, the promotional dollarbie features five colors in three iris sizes.

If you’ve never tried Yumix’s eyes before, now is a good time.
Be sure to grab these goodies & have fun!

Farouche: Glass GG1305 eyes
Creator: yumix Rexen
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
Farouche: Elfin – Aqua & Glass – Cyan eyes
Creator: yumix Rexen
Price: $0L (lucky boards – limited time)
Farouche (MP): Glass GG1305 eyes
Creator: yumix Rexen
Price: $1L
My Ugly Dorothy (MP): Heather – Salmon skin
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $850L


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