Umeboshi @ The Chapter Four

Umeboshi_The Chapter Four_Gift - Mediterranean_Eyes

The Chapter Four is another new sales event with low priced, discounted, & gacha items.

Umeboshi has a darling event gift!
A pair of pool blue eyes in system & mesh version, one iris size only.
So pretty & sweet for youthful looks!

Umeboshi_The Chapter Four_Gacha - Lunar_Eyes

You can also play the ridiculously cheap gacha for only $20L per play.
Twenty-four eyes in all, system & mesh included, with four rares & all transferable.
I’m only showing a screenshot of the display but you know they are gorgeous!

If you love cute, nerdy, & trendy styles, make this event your must-stop-to-shop place to be!

This monthly event ends on May 18th, 2013.

Umeboshi @ The Chapter Four: Chapter 4 gift – Mediterranean eyes
Creator: Keiba
Price: $0L (til 5-18-13)
Mariko @ The Chapter Four: Remake_hana skin
Creator: S2marie
Price: $300L (til 5-18-13)
Umeboshi @ The Chapter Four: Lunar eye gacha
Creator: Keiba (til 5-18-13)
Price: $20L per play


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