TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt

One week left for the The Sinister Goth Sinners Wrath Hunt!

This is a group hunt, you must be a member of The Sinister Goth group to receive the hunt gifts.
Let’s take a look at the eyes in the hunt:

TLB_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Wrath Demon Eyes

The Little Bat‘s hunt gift features an almost complete female demon avatar.
It comes with a skin, wings, horns, tail, clothing, and eyes.

The burning lava-like eyes are system only in one iris size.

Cyrious_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Fire & Ash Eyes

The gift from Cyrious features a partial mesh pose prop altar, sculpted wings with animated textures, and animated eyes.

The eyes come with a dark eye base (not shown) & animated fire prim eyes matching the wings.

AI_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Angelic & Arbiter Eyes

Archeon Industries gift features two system eyes.

One iris size only, one is a heavenly blue & the other a smouldering ember.

Hurry to join The Sinister Goth group & do the hunt before it ends!
Hunt Hints & Links
Hunt ends January 31st.

The Little Bat: Wrath Demon eyes & skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Cyrious: Fire & Ash eyes
Creator: Nedria Cyr
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
BRAT[inc]: Wrath hunt skin
Creator: AzureFera
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Archeon Industries: Angelic & Arbiter eyes
Creator: Prometheus Daines
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Pysch0: Una (Frozen) skin
Creator: Psych0 Starship
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)