Femboy Hunt Winter 2013

Squeezed in some time to do the Femboy Hunt Winter 2013!
Aimed for men with effeminate features & style, many items can also be worn by women.

Here are a few interesting hunt items you can find during the hunt:

Pie-Tin_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Snow Queen Eyes

Pie-Tin has Snow Queen eyes in system & mesh versions with three iris sizes as well as glow pupil add-ons.
The hunt prize also contains a femboy shape & eyeliner (not shown).

Peippo_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Frost01 EyesPeippo_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Frost Eyes

Peippo has a fat pack of Frost eyes in six colors.
They are system versions only and have a cloudy nebulous cartoon look.

Atypical_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Eyeball BowAtypical_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Eyeball Bows

Atypical has eyeball hair bows with texture change menu on touch.
Eight iris colors to choose from the menu and with a little creative editing, since they are modify, you can turn them into prim eyes like I did. 😉

If you dare to branch out and explore something different then this is a fun hunt for you!
Clothing, skins, accessories, and more:
Femboy Hunt Hints & Links
Femboy Hunt Prize Preview

Hunt ends January 31st, 2013.
Happy Hunting!

Pie-Tin: Snow Queen eyes
Creator: Pieta Nowles
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Aeva // Heartsick: Andrej – 1 // Freeze male only skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Tori-Tastic: Trapped in Glamour makeup
Creator: Victoria MacFanatic
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Peippo: Frost eyes
Creator: Pieni
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
DANGO: Freckled male/female skin
Creator: Kurai Thei
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Atypical: Eyeball Bows (also modified for eyes)
Creator: Adonis Hunniton
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
WoW Skins: PinkSugar female only skin
Creator: sawsan Secretspy
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Ayashi: Youya Blue hair
Creator: Ikira Frimon
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)

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