Chus! – Dolly Augen Group LB

Chus_Group LB_Dolly Augen-Albino_Eyes

Pixel Tyran, owner of Chus!, is back from holiday vacation!

She has an albino Dolly Augen (third eye) Lucky Board just for group members only.
Features pale pink eyes with system & mesh versions, forehead tattoo, & mesh third eye.
This color is only available from the lucky board.

Take a look at the new Dolly Augen releases & try your luck with the LB!
Group is free to join. Have fun!

Chus!: Dolly Augen – Albino eyes
Creator: Pixel Tyran
Price: $0L (Group lucky board – free to join)
Glam Affair: Amberly – Petal Ed. – Butterfly skin
Creator: aida Ewing & Soleil Reid
Price: $899L

.{Rue}. – Jewel Group Gift

Rue_Group Gift_Jewel-Aurora EyesRue_Group Gift_Jewel-Delirium Eyes

.{Rue}. has been working her fingers off updating & repackaging her items while fighting computer & vendor issues trying to get her store back up & running.
She still loves her group members though and sent out several gifts!

One of the gifts is the Jewel – Delirium eye set.
The set features six multicolored jeweled eyes with system, prim, & mesh versions in one iris size.
The prim & mesh have a slight glow but are mod so you can change the settings.

Ruina also sent out four packs of her wonderful horns: Chancellor|Chieftain|Chirurgeon|Confessor
Each horn pack has eight colors in two versions.

The group fee is steep right now because gifts are available in the notices.
The price will drop after they rotate out in fourteen days.
It’s still a bargain, the gifts are worth more than the fee & Ruina is very generous.
So if you get a chance, join the group. It’s worth it!

.{Rue}.: Jewel – Delirium eyes
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $0L fatpack (Group gift – currently $500L to join)
.{Rue}.: Chirurgeon – Fever Dream horns
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $0L fatpack (Group gift – currently $500L to join)
Belleza @ Beechwood Club: Kate – New Year skin
Creator: Tricky Boucher
Price: $0L (No group required – limited time)