Sakka’s Studio – Year of the Snake Ornament

Sakkas Studio_ETO Lucky Ornament

Absolutely nothing to do with eyes but it’s so cute & lovely, I have to share!

You can get the Year of the Snake lucky ornament for only $1L at Sakka’s Studio.
It’s larger than what I’m holding & makes the perfect New Year decoration piece for your home or shop.

The mesh ornament is three prims but only two land cost when rezzed out.
So low prim, everyone can show it off!
I do not recommend sizing it smaller, it increases the land cost but does not change when larger.

I don’t know how long Sakka will have the ornament available so get it now!

Happy Year of the Snake!

Sakka’s Studio: ETO Lucky ornament
Creator: sakka Flow
Price: $1L each
MARIKO: Gain_M02 skin
Creator: S2marie
Price: $300L (New Year 50% off sale)
Sakka’s Studio: GEISHA- Kimono WN
Creator: sakka Flow
Price: $500L


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