FDM – Dollarbie Drake Eyes

FDM_Alive Drake_Grey Light EyesFDM_Alive Drake_Grey Eyes

In keeping with the Year of the Snake theme, more snake like eyes!

This serpentine dollarbie is from les Fleurs Du Mâle.
Featuring grey system eyes in three shades with glow prims in one iris size.
The glow prims are resize scripted with a delete option.

I’ve shown what they look like with & without the glow prims in the second image.
A great option for slithering avies!

Happy Year of the Snake shopping!

FDM (MP Store): Alive Drake – Grey eyes
Creator: Aymeric Pelazzi
Price: $1L
Tableau Vivant: Andrej – Serpent skin
Creator: M4ri1yn Magic & aida Ewing
Price: N/A (former TDR item – check for availability)
EMO-tions: Bruce earring
Creator: Mirja Mills
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)


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