Clemmm – First Group Gift

Clemmm_GroupGift_Fog EyesClemmm_Group Gift_Fog Eyes

Clemmm finally has an official group. \o/

The Fog eyes are the first group gift sent to members and feature eight eyes, four white & four black, with system & mesh versions in one iris size only.
Very milky & cloudy, the whites will make great blind or ghostly eyes.
The blacks are a perfect contrast to the whites.

The group fee starts at $33L to join til January 3rd, 2013 then goes up to $333L.
Clem is very generous so it is a worthwhile group to join!

Check the notices!

Clemmm: Fog eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $0L (Group gift – $33L to join til Jan. 3rd)
Belleza: Kate Xmas gift skin
Creator: Tricky Boucher
Price: $0L (Group gift – $250L to join)
ellabella: Benediction simple piercing
Creator: ellantha Larsson
Price: $0L (Plastik group gift – free to join)
House of Rain: December earrings – blue zircon
Creator: Axi Kurmin
Price: $35L per play (Gothmas gatcha)


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