Sterling Artistry – December Gifts

SterlingArtistry_December Gift_2012 Eyes

It has been several months since Sterling Artistry last updated & I am ecstatic over seeing new gifts out for December!

The December gift contains two pairs of system eyes in one iris size only & a unisex crescent choker.
They are located in the blue candy canes at the center platform.

SterlingArtistry_Happy Holiday Gift_2012 Eyes

There is also a special holiday gift box with six eyes, cookies, candy cane mouthie, fireplace (holiday & everyday versions) with snuggle poses, and single static poses for male & female.
The eyes are system only in one iris size.
Gift is located by the “What’s New” counter.

SterlingArtistry_Candy Shop Freebie_Eyes

You can snag another gift in the freebies & landmarks kiosk at Sterling Artistry’s Candy Shop
It contains one pair of eyes & manicure fingernail glove layer.

Be sure to stop by and grab the gifty goodies!
Happy Holidays!

Sterling Artistry: December gift & Happy Holiday gift eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $0L
Sterling Artistry’s Candy Shop: Candy Shop gift eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $0L
Ooh-la-licious: Chocolate/Cranberry Panache! skin
Creator: Oohlala Sassoon
Price: $0L (POE5)


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