Candy Cane 4 Hunt

This is just a taste from the Candy Cane 4 Hunt!
A gridwide hunt with almost 180 merchants participating.
Most prizes are candy cane themed but not all and do include male or unisex items.
There is also an alternative hunt path just for petite mesh avatars (which I have not done).

90Degrees_CCH4_CandyCane Eyes

First up are these festive red & white eyes with candy cane, ribbon, & holly details from 90 Degrees.
Comes in two sizes with system & prim eyes.
The prims are no mod so you cannot turn off the shine or resize.
Sweet & minty fresh!


Sick of the holidays & prefer something more macabre? Then REDRUM‘s blindfold is just the thing!
Comes with a male & female version with three bloody facial tattoos.
Remember kids, never run with a sharp candy cane. You could poke your eye out!

Candy Cane 4 Prize Preview
Hunt ends Christmas Eve December 24th , 2012.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

90 Degrees: CCH4 Prize eyes
Creator: Damara Robonaught
Price: $0L (CCH4)
Vivid Avs: Snow Princess skin
Creator: Bryce Navarathna
Price: $0L (CCH4)
Raine On Me: Candy Cane full makeup
Creator: Raine Asbrink
Price: $0L (CCH4)
REDRUM: Candy Cane Blind
Creator: Mzzy Wytchwood
Price: $0L (CCH4)
90 Degrees: CCH4 Prize prim eyes
Creator: Damara Robonaught
Price: $0L (CCH4)
Razzles: Andrew SE – Negative skin
Creator: AlaricEvo
Price: $0L (CCH4)


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