The Arcade Gacha – December

The awesomeness of The Arcade Gacha for December is rocking away like crazy!

Gachas/gatchas are a random vending game.
You put your money in and you don’t know which item you’re going to get so if there is one you want bad, bring lots of money!

Here are a handful of the items you can try for at the event:

FashionablyDead_ArcadeGacha_Doll Head - Elf_RAREFashionablyDead_ArcadeGacha_Doll Head - Elf_Eyes

The mesh Doll Heads by Fashionably Dead are one of the hottest items this time around!
Luckily I got the rare Elf head but only after bunches of tries to get at least one rare.

The Doll Head gatcha has thirteen different heads, each are texture change scripted for four skintones change & eight eye colors.
Three heads are rare – Elf, Third Eye, & Vamp.
Matching skins are available at FD’s store.

*If anyone has the Third Eye head, I’m DYING to have it! Just IM me or notecard. 😉

ShakeUp_ArcadeGacha_Paris Eyes_RAREShakeUp_ArcadeGacha_Paris Eyes

I love these eyes by Shakeup!!
I didn’t get them all but did snag ten of them and they are gorgeous.

The Paris eyes gatcha has fourteen eyes to try for and they are mesh only in one iris size.
They are also texture change scripted for two sclera (eye white) choices.
These are no mod so you may have to adjust their position to fit without poke-through.

ID_ArcadeGacha_Glimmer Eyes_AmberID_ArcadeGacha_Glimmer Eyes_All

I did get all the gatcha eyes by Insufferable Dastard!
I’m going to say the Amber is the rare since I got many many of the others. >.<

Only eight colors to vie for in the Glimmer eyes gatcha.
All contain system and mesh eyes in one iris size.
Such pretty colors!

GlowStudio_ArcadeGacha_Birdy Glasses_SilverGlowStudio_ArcadeGacha_Birdy Glasses

These glasses by [ glow ] studio are just the cutest things!

Five sculpted glasses with a trio of cute birds sitting on the frames to try for!
Five earrings & five purses are also in the gatcha.
They are no mod so if you have a wide face or a very skinny one, fitting could be an issue.

This is just a few of the great items at December’s The Arcade Gacha.
Please visit The Arcade Shopping Guide for gatcha previews & info!

Gatcha items are transferable with a few packing hiccups (looking at you Aida :P) that make the boxes no transfer but the items themselves can still be transferred after unpacking.
Some are not boxed at all so “Wear” prior to rezzing out.

If you have duplicates & want to trade, then join the Arcade group:
No selling in group chat! Trading only!

Event closes on December 31st, 2012.
Go and play for Christmas presents!

Fashionably Dead @ Arcade: Doll Head – Elf RARE
Creator: Toast Bard
Price: $100L per play (Arcade gatcha)
Wasabi Pills: Kylee hair – Vanilla pudding
Creator: MissAllSunday Lemon
Price: $50L (Fifty Linden Fridays – 11/30/12)
Shakeup! @ Arcade: Paris mesh eyes
Creator: Carrie Janick
Price: $25L per play (Arcade gatcha)
Glam Affair @ Arcade: Renee – Sinless 03 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $125L per play (Arcade gatcha)
Insufferable Dastard @ Arcade: Glimmer eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $25L per play (Arcade gatcha)
The Skinnery @ Arcade: Iris – Sushi (Champagne) skin
Creator: Umazuma Metaluna
Price: $75L per play (Arcade gatcha)
[ glow ] studio @ Arcade: Birdie glasses
Creator: Linka Demina
Price: $50L per play (Arcade gatcha)
Glam Affair @ Arcade: Renee – My Gitana 02 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $125L per play (Arcade gatcha)
Tableau Vivant @ Arcade: Ewing hair – Black pack RARE
Creator: M4ri1yn Magic
Price: $50L per play (Arcade gatcha)


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