JeSyLiLO – Find My Pumpkins Eyes

JeSyLiLO is having a store mini hunt for group members.

There are twenty kawaii pumpkins to find and five of them contain the eyes shown above.
Each eye is in one iris size, system version only, and this is a great way to try out LilO’s eyes.

The mini hunt also contains two female skins, female shape, male shape, one hair, several articles of clothing, lip makeups, and unisex bruised & bloody facial tattoos.

The pumpkins are out in the open and all over the store’s various departments, easy peasy!
You must be a member of the group to receive the hunt gifts.

More info: JeSyLiLO Find My Pumpkins Event

JeSyLiLO: KatyEyes – SnowGrey/AutumnYellow/AutumnGreen, Vamper Eyes – GlassMauve & GlassGold, and 2012Autumn – LightSkin 2
Creator: LiLO Glom
Price: $0L (Group hunt – $50L to join)


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