Plastik – The Dirty Turkey Hunt 3.0

The Plastik has a really great prize in The Dirty Turkey Hunt 3.0.

It’s a complete gothic red outfit for women featuring a corset, pasties, boots, collar, skirt, body fade tattoos, and three pairs of eyes. Most of the clothing items are mesh, make sure you have a compatible viewer to be able to see them.

The demonic eyes are prims only, no system versions. The Animale pair are alpha prims so you will need to wear regular system eyes or base underneath them.

This hunt is a mixed hunt with prizes for men, women, or unisex.
Hunt ends November 30th, 2012.

Plastik: Haunt – Hellfire & Hellfire Lust eyes and Animale – Vivid Red eyes
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $0L (TDTH 3.0)
Plastik: Swindler – Killer earrings
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: N/A (former Lazy Sundays item)
Mystic Canvass: Frapp skin
Creator: Lara Darkbyrd
Price: $0L (TDTH 3.0)
Repluse: Gashed Eyelids v4 face tattoo
Creator: Max Lexigle
Price: $0L (TDTH 3.0)


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