IKON – Tomorrow Today Fundraiser

IKON is taking part in the Tomorrow Today Fundraiser for Matchbook Monday’s dental fund.

The Kaleido series are special priced for the fundraiser, individual eyes are $100L and the 6-packs are $333L. That’s down from $150L for singles and $499L for the packs!
50% of the proceeds goes toward the fund.

The Witch eyes fat pack, formerly this month’s group gift, are also at the fundraiser for $130L.

I’m showing the Kaleido pack 5 because those are my favorites and in Halloween colors to boot!
The Kaleido eyes are system versions only in five iris sizes.

The fundraiser will be open through November 30th, 2012.

IKON @ Tomorrow Today Fundraiser: Kaleido Pack 5 eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $333L (6-pack)
Glam Affair: Dark Side – Ginny 02 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $462L


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