Mayfly – Oct. Group Gift & $60L Weekend

Mayfly has October’s group gift out for the weekend!

Lovely soft green eyes with system & mesh in four sclera (eye white) choices.
The mesh eyes are scripted for resize & iris size but please read the included instructions on how to use them.

The group gift will only be out for the weekend so rush and get it now!

Mayfly is also taking part in the weekly Sixty Lindens Weekends sale.

I’m showing the gorgeous neko/cat eyes since Halloween is quickly approaching & what spooky kitteh would be without bright yellow eyes?

The three pairs of eyes on sale are mesh only, include four sclera choices with resize scripts.
Normally priced at $99L, you can buy them for only $60L for this weekend til midnight on Sunday!

Don’t miss out on these weekend goodies!

Mayfly: Liquid Light – Sea Green Shadow eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
BRAT[inc] @ Boho Fair: T2 pure BOHO skin
Creator: AzureFera
Price: $0L (Boho Fair gift)
Mayfly / Ephemeral Neko: Shadow Cat – Golden Yellow eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $60L
Modish @ Fairy Closet: Taotie fair skin
Creator: Ele Brandi
Price: $100L
Candy Mountain: Black Animal Nose tattoo
Creator: Mynx Legend
Price: $10L (store gatcha)


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