MONS & Delusions @ Zodiac

The current monthly round at Zodiac is based on the astrological zodiac sign of Libra, the Scales, which symbolizes symmetry and balance.

The DualColor eyes (above) by MONS have ten multi-tone colors in one iris size and system versions only.

They remind me of mysterious nebula clouds deep in space and match the corresponding makeup packs available as well.

The Balance & Truth eyes by Delusions are available in six muted colors with system & mesh eyes.

I really like the pallet, a mixture of soft metallic & organic hues.
The textures on the mesh eyes are not correct, they’re sideways, but are modify so you can adjust the texture rotation to -90 degrees to fix them.

There are plenty of great Libra themed deals at Zodiac. Be sure to check it out!
This round runs to October 17th, 2012.

MONS @ Zodiac: DualColor eyes – Gothic eyeliner (blue) – GlitterMacro eyeshadow (blue)
Creator: Ekilem Melodie
Price: $150L each (fat packs)
Essences @ Zodiac: Libra skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $200L
Delusions @ Zodiac: Balance and Truth eyes
Creator: Whisper Mizin
Price: $55L each – $249L (fat pack)
CandyDoll @ Zodiac: Lorena skin
Creator: rebeca Dembo
Price: $200L
MONS @ Zodiac: Gothic eyeliner (gold)
Creator: Ekilem Melodie
Price: $150L (fat pack)


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