Finding FabFree Hunt Eyes

FabFree is celebrating it’s fifth year with a FABulous Finding FabFree Hunt full of top quality gifts from many designers!

As I focus on eyes, first up is Visions by A:S:S with awesomely cool Naga eyes shown above!
They are mesh reptilian eyes only in two colors with a resize HUD and matching serpentine eye makeups.

Next up is Mayfly with those gorgeous vibrant Persian Blue eyes!
They have system & mesh eye versions with four shades of scleras (eye whites) and resize menu in each mesh eye.
Remember to read the instructions on how to resize these!

And finally, all the eyes in the hunt gift from The Plastik!
The column on your left is the eyes in the women’s gift, the column on your right is the eyes in the men’s.
The first picture shows the ones that have system & alpha prim versions.
The second picture shows all the ones with system & mesh versions.
A whooping twenty eyes in all!

There are a couple of issues with two pairs in the men’s gift:
The L-JeruBrown mesh eye has the wrong texture, you can correct this by copying/pasting the R-JeruBrown mesh eye, attaching it to your left eye and rotating it to 180­­° degrees in the Z rotation field in the build menu > object tab.
Then delete the old eye and rename the new one.
The Merma mesh eyes have the wrong textures on both the left & right. You will have to contact Aikea to get them fixed.

So many great gifts in the Finding FabFree Hunt, you don’t want to miss this hunt!

Happy fifth birthday, FabFree!!!

Visions by A:S:S: Naga eyes & makeup
Creator: Photos Nikolaidis
Price: $0L (Finding FabFree Hunt)
ROCKBERRY: Skyler skin
Creator: Heather Beebe
Price: $0L (Finding FabFree Hunt)
Mayfly: Deep Sky (Persian Blue) eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $0L (Finding FabFree Hunt)
Nvious by GG: Nicole Fair Bare skin
Creator: Gigi Ponnier
Price: $0L (Finding FabFree Hunt)
The Plastik: Assorted series eyes
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $0L (Finding FabFree Hunt)


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