Mayfly & Needful Things – Summer Harvest Hunt

Hunts, hunts everywhere! It’s that time of the season!
The Summer Harvest Hunt started yesterday and there many beautiful hunt gifts!

The beautiful September Shadow eyes above are the hunt gift from Mayfly.
They feature four sclera (eye white) tones with system and mesh eyes.
There is only one iris size for the system versions but the mesh eyes are scripted for resize (size & iris size), glow, & full bright.
Be sure to read the instructions!

Another beautiful Summer Harvest Hunt gift from Needful Things!

These large warm eyes come on one size in system eyes only and come with adorable acorn earrings.

Be sure to check out Needful Things gatcha machines while hunting.

You can try your luck and get these cute glasses that perfectly match Magdalena’s hunt gift!

Hunt ends September 21st, 2012. Happy hunting!!

Mayfly: Liquid Light (September Shadow) eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $0L (Summer Harvest Hunt)
Aura: Briar – Grace – Honey skin
Creator: Tyr Rozenblum
Price: $450L (50% off Retirement Sale)
Needful Things: Goodbye Summer eyes & earrings
Creator: Magdalena Bergamasco
Price: $0L (Summer Harvest Hunt)
Glam Affair: Lilith – Macedonia skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $0L (Group gift – $30L to join)
Alice Project: Kiera hair
Creator: Alice Demonia
Price: $0L (Summer Harvest Hunt)
Needful Things: Funny Glasses (woddy)
Creator: Magdalena Bergamasco
Price: $40L (gatcha)


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