Dulce Secrets & DRD – Twisted Hunt Fall 2012

The Twisted Hunt Fall edition for 2012 has barely begun and I’ve already found many awesome hunt gifts! My poor eyes trying to find those dang little twisted boxes. *sob*

Anyway, above is the hunt gift from Dulce Secrets. This is a female item, if there was a male one then I didn’t find it, but those eyes can be unisex.
The gift features a lovely female skin, red system & mesh eyes, and two sets of prim lashes.
Unfortunately, the lashes are no modify so you can’t fit them to your eye shape. In the picture I used an alternative that closely resembles those in the hunt gift.
The mesh eyes are modify thankfully! However, as you can see in the second picture, the system eyes texture is not correct so the eyes appear sideways BUT that can be a plus since it gives you a different look, like an amphibian demon. 😉

Love those eyes, so red & shiny!

The above Twisted Hunt gift from Death Row Designs brought back fond memories of one of my favorite evil queens, Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

This gift features wicked yellowish green eyes, hood tattoos (with & without makeup), and sculpted horns (not shown).
The eyes come in one size & system version only and can be unisex.
If there was a male gift, I haven’t found it.

Keep searching for those dark twisted boxes!!

Hunt ends September 30th, 2012.

Dulce Secrets: Nyree.Pernod.Dark skin & Darkness Evil eyes
Creator: AnneAlyce Maertens
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
DRD: Queen of Darkness eyes, hood tattoo, & horns
Creator: Jaimy Hancroft
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Digi-Stylez: Twisted Beauty skin
Creator: Gami Torvalar
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)


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